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My name is Marc LeBlanc (Blanc page ... get it? Wait, say it with an American accent! Clever Right?) and I'm currently learning to be a Developer. Follow me on my Journey!

About Me

About 2 years ago I began my study of Design and Development. Initially it started with a desire to have work that I could do from home, work that would not be so physically demanding. To quote Mr. Tyson: "I broke my back! My back is broken ... Spinal!"

I remember wanting to take Computer Programming classes as a teenager in College but never did. I realized I've always had a desire to learn to code so I went for it. Having always had some hobby centered in the Arts I feel like certain apects of design come naturally and I have to say I really do enjoy it. The technical aspects of this type of 'Art' are better suited to me. A keyboard and mouse fit me much better than a brush and palette!

Current Projects

Does this site count?

Blog for an Indianapolis based Food Critique

Finished Projects

Creatures Website

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